Frontera’s “Innovative Solutions of rAAV Purification Process” Unveiled at the 7th Gene Therapy for Rare Disorder 2024

Boston, MA, USA – April 1, 2024. The 7th Gene Therapy for Rare Disorder 2024 took place in Boston, MA from March 26 to 29, 2024. Dr. Hongxiang Lu, Senior Vice President of Frontera Therapeutics, was invited to participate in the panel discussion on “Gene Drug Manufacturing” and gave a keynote presentation on “Case Studies of resolving AAV aggregation and removing empty vectors”.

At the event, Dr. Lu presented Frontera’s innovative purification process platform, highlighting two research case studies. Firstly, he discussed the challenges related to rAAV capsid aggregates in downstream purification processes, and elucidated Frontera’s effective strategies to address this issue. Following this, he introduced a revolutionary purification method aimed at eliminating empty capsids, thereby ensuring their content stays below 1%.

Frontera’s proprietary purification platform offers a comprehensive solution to mitigate rAAV product aggregation during purification, thereby alleviating purification burdens, and enhancing yield. Furthermore, the implementation of innovative purification techniques to remove empty capsids, maintaining their presence in the drug product below 1%, underscores Frontera’s commitment to advancing industry standards.

Dr. Lu remarked, “Advanced technology and process platforms are instrumental in expediting the clinical progression and commercialization of gene therapy products, while also ensuring their safety and efficacy.” Frontera remains committed to advancing rAAV process research and raising industry standards.