About Frontera

Frontera's mission is to develop the best gene therapy medicines  to improve the lives of patients across multiple disease areas. To achieve this goal, we solve the problem of disparate teams addressing isolated problems independently, which results in potential R&D pitfalls and limits the success of gene therapies. Our all-inclusive approach, integrating research, process development, manufacturing,  and early clinical studies under the same company, results in us bringing the highest quality gene therapy products to market using the great efficiencies, optimal scale and lowest cost for the global markets.

What We Do

Frontera’s fully-integrated APEX Technology & Manufacturing platform leverages its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with science and clinical research from world-class biotechnology leaders to deliver high quality and affordable AAV gene therapy products.

  • World-class execution utilizing fully-integrated teams.
  • State-of-the-art GMP facility.
  • World-class leaders and founders from some of the most successful and innovative gene therapy and gene editing products and companies.
  • Early access to clinical data.

Fully Integrated

To target each specific indication, Frontera designs AAV gene therapy vectors accordingly using various approaches including gene replacement, gene silencing, gene editing, antibody expression, or a combination of multiple approaches. Frontera’s vector biology research team optimizes various elements of the recombinant AAV vector genome in order to increase expression, enhance activity, and/or reduce immunogenicity. Through gene expression cassette optimization, we may achieve high expression of transgene which could potentially enhance gene therapy efficacy and/or reduce vector dose which in turn improve the safety of our gene therapy products.

Consistent, Scalable Manufacturing

Frontera's state-of-the-art APEX Technology & Manufacturing Platform provides manufacturing with processes that are reliable and scalable, avoiding poor product quality and/or high costs that have impeded clinical performance and patient access. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to rapidly transition production processes across the product lifecycle, and efficiently advance AAV therapies from research to early clinical development.

Broad Therapeutic Scope

Gene therapy has the potential to address a broader therapeutic scope than the set of rare monogenic disorders to which it is currently limited. Frontera's unique capabilities make it the go-to partner for companies pursuing these new therapeutics.