Frontera Therapeutics Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial for FT-001 in Hereditary Retinopathy Treatment

Beijing, China, Decemeber 3rd, 2023 Frontera Therapeutics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Frontera Therapeutics) convened a meeting in Beijing on December 3 to conclude the Phase I clinical study of FT-001, and initiate the Phase II clinical study. The meeting was attended by esteemed clinical experts, including Professor Sui Ruifang, Professor Yu Weihong, and Professor Dai Rongping.

During the meeting, clinical experts, led by Principal Investigator Professor Sui Ruifang, discussed safety and efficacy data from the Phase I clinical study of FT-001. The meeting covered eligibility criteria, clinical trial procedures, primary efficacy endpoints, evaluations, and immune response monitoring. The investigators anticipate broader access to FT-001 treatment for patients with hereditary retinopathy.

Professor Sui Ruifang, reflecting on the initiation of FT-001, shared impactful moments from the study. Patients with hereditary retinopathy, whose conditions has progressively worsened over years of no treatment, experienced significant improvements in visual functions and a markedly enhanced quality of life post FT-001 injection. A patient, joining the meeting remotely, shared his experience of improved vision, regained mobility, and a revived business after participating in the FT-001 trial.

Professor Yu Weihong, Director of Ophthalmology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, praised the team’s work style and expressed gratitude for their courage and sense of mission in innovation. She affirmed continued support for the FT-001 Phase II clinical study, anticipating its success in providing improved therapeutic options for patients with rare diseases in China.